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Men’s sports clothing that offers unbridled performance. Built for durability and freedom of movement, our MTECH Run collection of men’s athletic clothing is just too good to pass up.

Running Clothes for the Professional

Ever wondered what pro runners wear when they’re training? Our MTECH Run range ticks every training box. This khaki coloured range comprises of gym t-shirts, running leggings for men, shorts, vests, and hoodies.

Every item in the MTECH Run range has been designed by experts in both fitness and men’s fashion. Their goal? To create eye-catching workout gear that complements your session. To do this, designers at One Athletic have combined knowledge and skills into one perfected range: MTECH.

Technical Garments from MTECH

MTECH athletic clothing has been ergonomically designed to put you at the forefront of your workout. Our technical garment designers deliberately set out to create a product that was able to enhance your gains, not detract from them.

In response to their brief, our expert men’s sports clothing designers created men’s running leggings and t-shirts that can compress you, as your muscles work. This material intuitively responds to what your body is doing, making your stronger, faster, and bolder than before.

Performance Prioritised

Our designers cut the fabric for MTECH in such a way that they have prioritised your performance while running at the gym, or in the court. They have been designed with you in mind, created to enhance and improve on your capacity for working out.

MTECH performance prioritised clothing comes with the One Athletic stamp of high-quality assurance. It has been crafted by designers whose only goal is to help you get the most out of your workout. From compressing fitness hoodies to men’s athletic joggers for running, the MTECH collection has it all.

Athletic Gear for Men

The MTECH range has been carefully curated to cater to a man’s stamina, strength, and endurance building needs. Men’s active clothing is designed differently to women’s. This is sports clothing that is rougher, tougher, and can go long-distance.

MTECH presents men’s sports gear with a difference. It holds true to the shape of your body, compressing where it needs to for maximum workout efficiency. In other places it hangs loose, allowing the freedom of movement you need from gym clothing wear.

Safety as Standard

Each of our MTECH designed men’s active clothing pieces comes with reflective banding. Take to the roads to run at night or in the evenings, safe in the knowledge that you can be seen from all angles. For optimal safety when running at night, be sure the men’s muscle fit hoodie that you choose complements the design.

Athletic apparel should come with safety as standard, just another reason why client’s love the MTECH Run Range.

About One Athletic

Our best cut fabric collections offer exemplary performance and activewear clothing, coupled with the chic styles and tailoring of a pro designer’s eye. Our goal is to create fashion-forward fitness wear that benefits the whole community through accentuating those gains. A One Athletic client is a happy client, because they know they’re getting the most out of their gym sessions… Are you?


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